Enabling Trainers, Facilitators, Coaches, and Line Managers to Increase ​Confidence & Competence in Themselves & Others

Online learning is a great way to development yourself at your own pace.  If you are a Trainer, Facilitator or Coach and are looking to expand your toolkit with ideas and inspiration, then take a look at each course to see how it might assist you.

There are currently four categories of online learning available:

  1. LEGO®  - Courses about using LEGO®  in learning
  2. TRAINING, FACILITATION AND COACHING - Ideas for encourage engagement in learning and development
  3. COURSE CREATION - Courses to help you create online courses
  4. LINE MANAGERS - Courses for Line Managers

Whether you are new to the role or been in position for many years, developing yourself will increase Confidence & Competence in yourself & others.  

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Courses about using LEGO® in learning

Using LEGO® in learning has become very popular recently.  But how do you know it’s right for you and your learners / clients? Which type of Lego® activity should you use? And will you be taken seriously as a Trainer, Facilitator or Coach if you suggest such a thing? These online courses give you all the information you need to answer these questions and many more.  Click on each course to see more detail.

©2023 The LEGO Group – LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, the Minifigure and the Brick and Knob configurations are trademarks of the LEGO® Group, which does not sponsor, authorise or endorse these courses.
Any activity using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® approach, method and materials build on the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Open-source guidelines made available by the LEGO® Group under a Creative Commons licence.


Courses to help you get your first course online

Creating your first online course is exciting, there is so much knowledge you have to share with others.... but where do you start?  These three courses will outline the element you should consider with any online course… validating your idea, designing and creating your course, and how to market it.  PLUS… you can get all three and save money at the same time. Click on each course to see more detail. 


Ideas for encouraging engagement in learning

Using creativity to help your learners engage is commonly recognised as good practice within the learning profession.  But WHY is it important?  How does it actually make a difference?  And how can you explain to your clients that it’s not just playing! These online courses give you all the information you need to answer these questions and many more.  Click on each course to see more detail.


Courses for Line Managers

The role of managing people goes by many different names: Line Manager, Supervisor, Team Leader etc. But no matter what your job title, if you’re responsible for an individual or a team, there’s certain aspects that you’ll need to develop to be really good at it!  If there is specific topic you’d like covered just let me know!

About Nikie

Convinced I was going to be a Radio One presenter from an early age, my less than conventional route into the world of Learning & Development, has given me a wide range of experiences and skills which enables me to create learning in almost any situation.

Two decades later, having backed up these experiences with a plethora of professional qualifications, I am now the Director and Founder of Curious Lighthouse Learning Consultancy, where I specialises in enabling Trainers, Facilitators, Coaches, and Line Managers to increase confidence & competence in themselves & others. Curious Lighthouse is based in Hampshire and mainly serves the south coast. 

  • Qualified to post graduate degree level with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, (CIPD) in Learning & Development. 
  • Certified Practitioner of NLP.  Studying with John Grinder, one of the founding members. 
  • Qualified ILM degree level in Coaching and Mentoring. 
  • Over twenty years working in private and public sector focusing on Training, Learning and Development. 
  • Designer, facilitator and project manager of development programmes from induction to Director level
  • Online course creator and mentor.

Other ways we can work together

(One-to-one, Corporate, and Virtually)

Trainer Development

All the best Trainers are naturally curious. Match this with a forward-thinking organisation that values Trainer's development as well as employees development and you are onto a good thing!

  • Creating a Volunteer In-House Training Team

  • Train-the-Trainer Workshops

  • Curious Trainers' Refresher Workshops

  • On-Line Courses ~ Creative Learning and Trainers' Resources

  • On-Line programmes ~ Learning with Lego

  • Mentoring group and 1:1

  • Online Internationally or face-to-face across Hampshire and West Sussex

Management Development

​Good companies understand the importance of developing their employees. Successful companies understand that by focusing on their Managers they can drive performance throughout the whole business.

  • Aspiring to first time Management

  • New Supervisors and Managers

  • Management Development WORKSHOPS & PROGRAMMES

  • Mentoring and Mini Masterclasses

  • Online Internationally or face-to-face across Hampshire and West Sussex

Testimonials for Nikie

“Nikie’s help, support and organisational skills made it so easy for me to get my first course up and running. I loved her tutorials and feedback and I have gone on to launch a further 3 courses with her help. Nikie’s clear instruction makes it easy to create and launch a course. Thanks Nikie, I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Barbara Cox - Award Winning Nutritionist - Global Wellness Council Representative

“Nikie has been such an amazing help to me to get my courses online. Not only does she explain in straightforward and understandable ways, she is also great in offering suggestions geared to the course. I definitely couldn’t have done this without her support.”

Gill Donnell MBE. Founder and Manging Director of Successful Women Ltd.

“I have worked closely with Nikie during our ‘content uploading' stage of our e-learning courses. Working with Nikie has been seamless, as she has the ability to quickly understand how pieces of content (video, text, quizzes, workbooks, downloads) need to appear online, but she is also an expert in terms of knowing how the journey might feel like to the end consumer. This was vitally important for us as this was our first experience of e-building an online course. Nikie has the patience, tenacity, and expertise to help any business or person create online courses and not just from an IT/Design perspective, but she really takes the time to understand what the course outcomes should be and that was critical for us. Thanks again Nikie!”

Helen, Director of The Young People Index®

“ Natalie Rogers - Head of Talent, Learning & Development at GreencoreI first came across Nikie through her quirky and different posts which I’m always compelled to look at further and find myself drawn to. We talked and I described the kind of creative experiments we’re keen to encourage in my team and asked her to share all her secrets! She created a great day packed full of ideas, taught my team how dopamine makes the difference in learning and we left with a shopping list and inspired and reassured that what we were already doing was value add coupled with some ideas to make them even better. From before the day to after she demonstrated how creativity engages and lands learning.”

Natalie Rogers - Head of Talent, Learning & Development at Greencore

“Hands up if you think you are creative?' That is a question that usually leads to me putting my hands firmly on the ground! But, after a session with Nikie Forster of Curious Lighthouse, I was thinking completely differently........ Enlightening and motivating, I am now kidding myself I can be a NASA Astronaut, have a new desk buddy called 'Daisy Duck' and am the proud owner of this beautiful lighthouse... Thank you Nikie for such an informative session.”

Laura Macarthy MICB - Certified Bookkeeper & Director at Now Bookkeeping Ltd

“Attended a fantastic session this morning on creative training ideas with the inspiring Nikie Forster of Curious Lighthouse. Sessions like these rekindle my love of teaching and remind me why I do it! Nikie can make any topic fun, thought-provoking and effective, at any level of a corporation. Invest in your people and get her involved.”

Sara Ellul - Business Lecturer

“As someone, prior to launching her first course, who had totally no knowledge of how to create an eLearning course, Nikie has been invaluable. She has been responsive and clear every time I have reached out to ask another (sometimes very similar) question. This has given me confidence to know that someone with patience, understanding and ability to explain things in a non-techy language is readily available.”

Anna Harrington SCPHN (OH) RN. Director & Clinical Lead. Wellbeing and Health in Business


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