The creative way to increase engagement and retention of learning

in your Management Development Programmes.

Great Trainers know that using different activities in their sessions helps learners to; explore deeper, engage more, and gain better retention of learning too.  

One of the best activities to use to enable this is LEGO®  

In this course we'll be looking at 6 different LEGO®  activities that could be used individually or as a whole programme to help Line Managers upskill and become better people managers.

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Who is this course for?

  • Trainers

    Trainers who want activities to help retention of learning

  • Facilitators

    Facilitators who want a creative way to engage discussion

  • Coaches

    Coaches who want to create a hands-on approach to problem solving

What will you find in this course?

In this course you will find 6 flexible LEGO® activities (Plus a little bonus activity too!) to help you train, facilitate, or coach Line Managers in a creative, informative, and engaging way.

Every activity has its own video introduction, hands-on video demonstration to show you how the activity might play out, plus a downloadable worksheet for easy reference, and unbranded Powerpoint slide/s that you can use in your sessions to aid visual reinforcement.

(All videos have English and Spanish subtitles.)

In this course we look at:

  • Introductions  (Introductions, and helping to ease into LEGO® activities )
  • What makes a great line manager(Focusing on how to identify and reduce development gaps.)
  • Communications preferences - (Understanding own communications style in order to better communicate with others.)
  • Team Road Map - (Identifying a vision for your team.)
  • Skill Will Model - (Delegating skills - considering who has the skill AND will.)
  • Setting expectation - (A short activity with big impact.)

PLUS - A Bonus Activity and PDF worksheets and Resources

Get full access as soon as you sign in. Create a full Management Development Programme using all the activities, or cherry pick the right ones for your learners.

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Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2


    • Which Bricks? - OVERVIEW

    • Which bricks? - ALTERNATIVES

  • 3
  • 4


    • What Makes a Great Line Managers - OVERVIEW

    • What Makes a Great Line Managers - ACTIVITY Part 1 and 2

    • What Makes a Great Line Managers - ACTIVITY Part 3

    • What Makes a Great Line Managers - WORKSHEET

    • What Makes a Great Line Manager - RESOURCES

  • 5


    • Communications Preferences - OVERVIEW

    • Communications Preferences - ACTIVITY Part 1

    • Communications Preferences - ACTIVITY Part 2

    • Communications Preferences - ACTIVITY Part 3

    • Communications Preferences - WORKSHEET

    • Communications Preferences - RESOURCES

  • 6


    • Team Road Map - OVERVIEW

    • Team Road Map - ACTIVITY

    • Team Road Map - WORKSHEET

    • Team Road Map - RESOURCES

  • 7


    • Skill Will Model - OVERVIEW

    • Skill Will Model - ACTIVITY

    • Skill Will Model - WORKSHEET

    • Skill Will Model - RESOURCES

  • 8


    • Setting Expectations - OVERVIEW

    • Setting Expectations - ACTIVITY

    • Setting Expectations - WORKSHEET

    • Setting Expectations - RESOURCES

  • 9


    • Bonus Activity - OVERVIEW

    • Bonus Activity - ACTIVITY

    • Bonus Activity - WORKSHEET

  • 10


    • In summary

    • Worksheets and PowerPoints

  • 11


    • More Lego courses

    • Congratulations - You've completed the course!

More Resources

(Unbranded Powerpoint Slides to help with your own programme.)

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Nikie Forster

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Laura Macarthy MICB - Certified Bookkeeper & Director at Now Bookkeeping Ltd

“Nikie was absolutely brilliant - very inclusive and highly supportive of all participants across a range of abilities. Thank you Nikie for sharing this very useful learning with us! ”

Martine Bolton - Trainer, Consultant, Author and Speaker

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