Introducing Your Learners to LEGO®

With Nikie Forster

As a Trainer, Facilitator, Coach or Educator you may have heard about using LEGO® in learning sessions to create deeper discussions and add an element of creativity in the mix too.

But why use LEGO® at all?

Watch this live recording with Nikie Forster from Curious Lighthouse Learning Consultancy Ltd, in this informal webinar to find out how you can introduce your learner to LEGO®. 

We talk about:

  • Reasons for using LEGO® in learning.
  • How is this different to LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®
  • One LEGO® activity - many uses
  • Best bricks to use
  • Continuing your own learning with LEGO®

Plus a 14-page guide that accompanies the content of this webinar

(Subtitles in English and Spanish coming soon)

Want to use LEGO

but maybe thought the following...

  • “It’s a kid's toy, will I be taken seriously?”

  • “I’ve heard about LSP? Do all LEGO® activities have to follow the same methodologies?”

  • “Using LEGO® is very different to what I usually do. How can I introduce it and still remain professional?”


5 star rating

Great webinar

Anne Whaley-Sousou

This was a clear and concise webinar for anyone thinking of introducing Lego® into their work, thank you Nikie!

This was a clear and concise webinar for anyone thinking of introducing Lego® into their work, thank you Nikie!

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5 star rating


Lourival Araujo da Silva

Very soft approach to a progressive understanding.

Very soft approach to a progressive understanding.

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What's included

  • 1


    • Welcome

  • 2

    Reasons for using LEGO

    • Why use LEGO®

  • 3

    How is this different to Lego Serious Play?

    • How is this different to LSP?

  • 4

    One Activity - Many Uses

    • Before the Session

    • Start Small

    • Possible Questions

    • Activity Set Up

    • Examples

    • The Debrief

    • Things to Consider

    • Which Bricks?

  • 5

    In Summary

    • In Summary

    • More ways to learn about using LEGO® with your learners

    • Bonus!

  • 6

    Your Questions

    • Your Questions

  • 7

    Downloadable Guide & Contact Details

    • Introducing Your Learners to Lego Downloadable PDF

    • Contact details


Your Host

Nikie Forster

You might not think early roles in radio, interior design and DIY sound like the most convincing career choices for someone who has since spent over two decades as a Learning and Development professional! But all three of these roles gave me some great opportunities to learn about people, hone my training, and facilitation skills, and craft my own path in a career I love. Having gained many professional qualifications and experience in public and private sector L&D roles, I founded Curious Lighthouse Learning Consultancy Ltd in early 2016, where I specialises in increasing competence and confidence in Line Managers and Trainers to enhance their performance, whether they are at the very start of their journey or experienced professionals. ​​ I love that my role allows me to work with all types of companies from small growing companies to larger established corporates, and from local charities to the NHS Trusts. ​I'm passionate about using creative learning methods which, as well as increasing engagement in the sessions, ensures better retention of information and quicker transfer of skills back into the workplace. (And yes, I do use LEGO® in many of the my sessions!!) ​​​Curious Lighthouse is based in Hampshire and mainly serves the south coast.

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