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Effective activities can make or break a learning session. That’s why it’s important to use the right ones at the right time with the right audience.

You probably have a stash of activities you love using, but sometimes your topic or audience calls for something a little different. The only problem with that is… it takes time, and that’s probably the one thing you don’t have! 


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8 Specially Designed Training Activities. All with videos and downloadable PDFs

If you work with learners you'll understand how important having the right activity for the right audience and the right context is. Wouldn't it be great to have a bank of new activities to hand? Something that can work alongside your own design work to create context driven discussions? 

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Who is this course for?

  • Trainers & Facilitators

    If you run face-to-face training and want some new ideas for your delegate

  • Managers

    If you run team breifs, assessment centres or project meetings etc

  • Teachers and Educators

    If you're looking for fun activities with your students

Aims and Outcomes

The aim of this course is to:

Provide ideas and inspiration for learning activities for Trainers, Managers and Educators


By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Explore 8 different activities designed specifically to enhance learning 
  • Gain an insight in to different learning methods using a variety of props
  • Access videos, PDFs and in some cases additional templates to use with your own learners  

Course Outline

  • 1


  • 2

    1. MINI ME ~ Creating personas and Ice Breaker

  • 3

    2. COFFEE ANYONE ~ Personal Branding Perceptions

    • Coffee Anyone ~ Welcome

    • Coffee Anyone - Video Explanation

    • Coffee Anyone ~ What, Why & How

    • Coffee Anyone ~ Set up, Debrief and Look Out For

    • Coffee Anyone ~ Personal Branding Exercise sheet

    • Coffee Anyone ~ Company Branding Exercise Sheet

    • Coffee Anyone - Personal Branding PowerPoint Pack

  • 4

    3. GIANT JIGSAW ~ Team Dynamics, Communication and Resilience

    • Giant Jigsaw ~ Welcome

    • Giant Jigsaw ~ Video Explanation

    • Giant Jigsaw ~ What, Why and How

    • Giant Jigsaw ~ Set up, Debrief and Look Out For...

    • Giant Jigsaw ~ Instructional Handout

    • Giant Jigsaw ~ Instructions for PowerPoint

  • 5

    4. COLOURED BUTTONS ~ Personal Working Styles

    • Coloured Buttons ~ Welcome

    • Coloured buttons - Video Explanation

    • Coloured Buttons ~ What, Why & How

    • Coloured Buttons ~ Set up, Debrief and Look Out For

  • 6

    5. TELL ME A STORY ~ Creative Thinking

    • Tell me a story ~ Welcome

    • Tell me a story - Video Explanation

    • Tell Me a Story ~ What, Why & How

    • Tell Me a Story ~ Simple Paper/PP Version Instructions

    • Tell Me a Story ~ TEMPLATE of Icons

  • 7

    6. SETTING SAIL ~ Creative Goal Setting

    • Setting Sail ~ Welcome

    • Setting Sail ~ Video Explanation Part 1

    • Setting Sail ~ Video Explanation Part 2

    • Setting Sail ~ Video Explanation Part 3

    • Setting Sail ~ What, Why & How

    • Setting Sail ~ Set up, Debrief & Look Out For

    • Setting Sail ~ Facilitators Notes

    • Setting Sail - Professional and Personal Goal Downloads

  • 8

    7. HANDS DOWN ~ Personal Introspection and Icebreaker

    • Hands Down ~ Welcome

    • Hands Down ~ Video Explanation

    • Hands Down ~ What, Why & How

    • Hands Down ~ Set up, Debrief and Look Out For.

  • 9

    8. BREAKING THE ICE ~ How NOT to Run an Icebreaker

    • Breaking the Ice ~ Welcome

    • Breaking the Ice ~ Video Explanation

    • Breaking the Ice ~ What, Why & How

    • Breaking the Ice ~ Set up, Debrief & Look Out For

    • Breaking the Ice ~ Cringe Worthy Questions

    • Breaking the Ice ~ Cringe Worthy Questions BLANK

  • 10

    ...And finally

    • And finally...



Instructor Bio

Nikie Forster

Nikie Forster

Convinced she was going to be a Radio One presenter from an early age, Nikie’s less than conventional route into the world of Learning & Development has given her a wide range of experiences and skills which enable her to create learning in almost any situation. Two decades later, having backed up these experiences with a plethora of professional qualifications, she now runs Curious Lighthouse Learning Consultancy where she enables Managers and Trainers to increase ​Confidence & Competence in themselves and others through creative, curious and credible training solutions. Find out more at www.curiouslighthouse.co.uk

Testimonials for Nikie Forster

“I first came across Nikie through her quirky and different posts which I’m always compelled to look at further and find myself drawn to. We talked and I described the kind of creative experiments we’re keen to encourage in my team and asked her to share all her secrets! She created a great day packed full of ideas, taught my team how dopamine makes the difference in learning and we left with a shopping list and inspired and reassured that what we were already doing was value add coupled with some ideas to make them even better. From before the day to after she demonstrated how creativity engages and lands learning.”

Natalie Rogers - Head of Talent, Learning & Development at Greencore

“Nike is passionate about people development and played a significant role in building my skills and confidence, enabling me to take the next step with my career. Nikie makes learning about yourself and setting personal goals challenging, but also fun and relevant for the training industry. For anyone looking to establish or develop a career in training, I recommend working with Nikie to get you where you want to be.”

​Teresa Matthews ~ Training and Development Manager ​​​

“​I can’t thank Nikie enough for all of her support and help in moulding me into the professional trainer I am today and would highly recommend having a chat with Nikie and enrolling on some of the courses.”

Suk Gill ~ Director of The Sales Coach Ltd.

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