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Shape the Future You Want to See

Becks Neal - Designer and Brand Consultant

I was inspired to make this video by a favourite quote of mine: 

“It takes curiosity to find your call to adventure,

it takes courage to venture into the unknown,

and it takes imagination to create your path.”

Sean Patrick 

I love this quote because it encourages you to shape the future you want to see. And this is part of the power of discovering your brand story - understanding and realising your purpose and vision. To make a positive impact you just need enough courage to take that first step… then take one step after the other. Changing the world brand by brand!

(See Becks' course Discover your Brand.)

Motivating Goals Worksheet

Astrid Davies - Astrid Davies Consulting

As part of Astrid's 'Take Aim' course, she offers some great advice on how to set goals.  This worksheet complements the course perfectly.  

Here's the link: Motivational Goal Setting.pdf

To check out Astrid's course in full CLICK HERE

Mini Me Introduction Activity

Nikie Forster - Curious Lighthouse Learning Consultancy

Getting the right introduction activity for training or meetings is a skill.  Start off with something too intrusive or irrelevant and you'll loose the trust of your delegates before you've even started!

This short introduction activity involves using LEGO Mini figures.  

Check out the FREE PDF's that accompany this activity .

Mini Me Activity FREE Download.pdf

To view the FREE video that also covers this topic, and lots more ideas on Training Resources CLICK HERE

Three-Step Breathing Space Exercise

Hazel Todd - Mindfulness Coaching & Consultancy

As part of Hazel's course 'Mindfulness for Busy Active Minds' she shares her introduction as a FREE PREVIEW.  To get you started, here is her guide to Three-Step Breathing Space. 


To view the course in full CLICK HERE

Branding Workbook - The start of your journey

Becks Neale - Inkshed Design Studio

Taking you through the initial stages of Branding and the precursor to Becks course 'Discover your brand story.'

Here's the link: Workbook Branding Becks Neale.pdf

Want to check out the workshop? CLICK HERE