As a business owner are you living out your brand?

Does your brand give a clear impression of what your business is all about? 

Consumers who have an emotional connection with a company’s brand are 71% more likely to recommend them.

More than 80% of consumers are driven to purchase because of a company’s social purpose.

90% of consumers say that authenticity is important when deciding which brands they like and support.

As you can see it all starts with your story.

In this course I’ll guide you through the individual strands that entwine to create an authentic brand story. Sharing thought provoking questions and exercises to help you to draw out and start to unleash the power and potential of your own story.

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Who is this course for?

  • Inspire & Attract

    If you want your brand to inspire and attract the right clients and team for your business

  • Next Level

    If you are ready to take your brand and business to the next level

  • Re-energise

    If you want to review, reposition and re-energise your brand and business

In more detail

Let's look at the Aims and Outcomes

The aim of this course is to:  

Help you define the right foundations and vision for your business - your brand story blueprint. This provides focus of direction and integrity, empowering you to make informed decisions and develop better brand communications that are consistent, effective and authentic to you.


By the end of this course you will be able to:

1. Gain a deeper understanding of why brand matters to the success of your business

2. Identify the 3 transformational results a strong brand delivers

3. Define your brand’s objectives;

  • your values and purpose
  • positioning
  • how you interact with your clients

4. Create a detailed design brief (your brand story blueprint) ready to

  • refer to for all your business decision making
  • commission projects and creative
  • review and direct your communications and business development

5. Start to unleash the power of your brand!

Course Outline

    1. 2.1 Why Brand Matters Introduction

    2. 2.2 What is branding?

    3. 2.3 What is a brand story?

    4. 2.4 What makes a strong brand?

    5. 2.5 Why Brand Matters - Quiz

    1. 3.1 Your Brand Story Introduction

    2. 3.2 Your Brand Story - Blueprint

    3. 3.3 Reflect on your brand origins

    4. 3.4 What makes your business unique?

    5. 3.5 Your purpose

    1. 4.1 What is your vision for your brand? - Introduction

    2. 4.2 Positioning

    3. 4.3 A day in the life

    4. 4.4 The look and feel

    1. 5.1 Who is your audience? - Introduction

    2. 5.2 The details

    3. 5.3 What matters to them?

    4. 5.4 Your customer journey

    1. 6.1 Next steps - How to use

About this course

  • £80.00
  • 24 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content


Instructor Bio

Becks Neale

Becks Neale

Aspire Course Creator

'Design to tell your story' - Becks Neale specialises in developing rich, personal, compelling brand design. Working with charities, community initiatives and purpose-led organisations to achieve a brand they love and live, by distilling their brand story.

Testimonials for Becks Neale

“I have shared with various stakeholders the recent ‘brand development’ document you sent over. I have to say it has gone down extremely well. You have absolutely captured the ethos and feel of what we stand for. We are very excited and I’ve just met with the Newsletter designer and given her all the info on pantones, guidelines etc. Becks is great to work with…calm and pragmatic at every stage. Thank you Becks”

Amanda C. Head of Fundraising & Communications, Oakhaven Hospice

“Becks did some great design work for us in the run up to and in the aftermath of being awarded a contract by the NUS to supply Fairtrade/ECO clothing to Student Unions across the UK. The contract kicked in on 1 July and runs for two years. Beck’s designed the pivotal bookmark for us which is serving as the swing ticket on all our NUS “SUstainable” garments. I just wanted to say that Becks comes highly recommended, so if you are looking for a high calibre, professional designer who is very creative and has a well-honed and targeted imagination – someone who really understands what you are trying to achieve with your brand – then Becks is your person. ”

Andy A. Founder & Director, SUstainable

“This looks brilliant Becks!! 🙌 ... ▶️ If anyone's in need of brand direction or inspiration, I highly recommend checking this out. Becks definitely knows her stuff!! 👊💕”

Anne-Marie Fast, Marketing Specialist