Welcome to Mindfulness for Busy Active Minds

6-Week Programme

Mindfulness for busy active minds to support long-term wellbeing and effectiveness. 

The mindfulness for busy active minds course starts with an introductory session, followed by 6 weekly modules. Each module is 25-35 minutes long with additional exercises and home practices activities.

 The course builds week-on-week with a mixture of theory, in-session practice and homework to retrain the brain, boosting long-term wellbeing and effectiveness. 

It starts with understanding what Mindfulness is and why practice is required, moves through understanding the mind body connection and our capacity to notice everyday experiences, looks at our story-telling mind and dealing with uncomfortable emotions and difficult situations, and concludes with planning ways to move forward with mindful intention and self care.

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Who is this course for?

  • Individuals

    Individuals wanting to improve wellbeing, balance and focus either at work and/or in their personal lives especially in these anxious, unsettling times.

  • Team Leaders

    Team leaders of all levels with responsibility for others to be able to lead by example by boosting their own and their teams wellbeing and effectiveness

What's Covered in this Six-Week Programme?

1 Focusing the Attention

In module 1, we look at the impact of the wandering mind, what it’s like when we are in ‘doing’ versus ‘being’ mode and start to learn how to focus attention and get off autopilot. We look at the foundations of Mindfulness and start to practice focusing the attention using our breath


2 The Mind Body Connection


In module 2 we look at the mind body connection and emotional signals and start to learn and practice how we can tune into the body as an early warning system


3 Noticing Everyday Experiences


In module 3 we start to look at our we can be more fully conscious of the world with an open awareness, noticing the difference between how things are and how we want them to be and use gentle Mindful Movement to explore and experience this concept


4 Relating Differently to Thoughts


In module 4 we learn to explore our thoughts as a mental construct of the mind and how our interpretation of events impacts the way we behave. We look at how our thoughts impact our emotions, actions and results and learn how to silence our inner critic


5 Turning towards the Difficult


In the first 4 modules we are building the Mindfulness skills to be able to go further with our practice and learn how to start to explore approaching the more difficult emotions and experiences. It is important that participants build up slowly working through each module and home practice before turning to this section


6 Developing Intention


In our final module, we look at our we can start to shape intentional habits, looking at our work life balance and how we sustain our energy levels and build resilience. Our final practice is all around cultivating kindness to ourselves and others and implementing sustainable mindfulness actions in our day to day lives

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Aims and Outcomes

The aim of this course is to:

Support long-term wellbeing and effectiveness for busy active minds through mindfulness.


By the end of the 6 week programme you will be able to :

  • Identify and define what Mindfulness is. 
  • Understand how Mindfulness is practiced and developed.
  • List and be able to assess the benefits of Mindfulness for wellbeing and effectiveness .
  • Recognise how practising Mindfulness can make positive changes to the way the brain reacts.
  • Utilise mindfulness to reduce stress, improve wellbeing and resilience, manage emotions and enhance performance.

Course Outline

  • 1
  • 2

    Introduction to Mindfulness Taster Session

  • 3

    Week 1 ~ Focusing the Attention

    • Welcome

    • Overview

    • Recap What is Mindfulness

    • Paying Attention to the Wandering Mind

    • Doing Mode v Being Mode

    • Doing Mode v Being Mode Reflections

    • The Excellence Myth

    • Training the Attention

    • Waking up to Autopilot Mindful Eating Exercise

    • Mindful Eating Exercise Reflection

    • Foundations of Mindfulness

    • Mindfulness of Breath Set Up

    • Mindfulness of Breath Practice

    • Home Practice

    • Home Practice Everyday Activities

    • Learning Points and Next Time

    • Breath Meditation - Home Practice

  • 4

    Week 2 ~ The Mind Body Connection

    • Welcome

    • Overview

    • The Mind Body Connection

    • The Mind Body Connection - The Fascia

    • Feeling Emotions in the Body Exercise

    • Recap Module 1 and Home Practice Review

    • Home Practice Reflections Sheet

    • Tuning in to the Body

    • Formal Practice- The Body Scan

    • Learning Points the Body Scan

    • Summary Key Learning Points

    • Home Practice

    • Next Module

    • Body Scan Meditation - Home Practice

  • 5

    Week 3 ~ Noticing Everyday Experiences

    • Welcome

    • Overview

    • Recap Module 2

    • Thoughts as a Mental Construct

    • Approach and Avoidance Mode

    • Approach v Avoidance Reflections

    • Mindful Movement Exercise

    • Breath and Body Meditation Practice

    • Reflections

    • Mindful Movement Reflection

    • Three Step Breathing Space Meditation

    • Summary Key Learning Points

    • Home Practice and Next Time

    • Breath and Body Meditation - Home Practice

    • Three Step Breathing Space - Home Practice

  • 6

    Week 4 ~ Relating Differently to Thoughts

    • Welcome

    • Overview

    • The Story Telling Mind

    • Storytelling Mind Exercise - Thoughts are not Facts

    • Thoughts are not Facts

    • The ABC Model

    • Paying Attention to Thoughts

    • Paying Attention to Thoughts Exercise

    • The Inner Bully

    • Inner Bully Exercise

    • Tuning in to Sounds and Thoughts

    • Sounds and Thoughts Practice

    • Key Learning Points and Next Time

    • Home Practice - Learning Points and Next Time

    • Sounds and Thoughts Meditation - Home Practice

  • 7

    Week 5 ~ Turning Towards the Difficult

    • Welcome and Overview

    • Recap Learning to Drive

    • Facing Up to and Accepting Difficulties

    • Facing Up to Difficulties Exercise Set Up

    • Facing Up to Difficulties Exercise

    • The Happiness Trap

    • Happiness Traps Exercise

    • Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

    • Choose your Battles Exercise

    • Approaching Difficulty Practice Set Up

    • Approaching Difficulty Meditation

    • Review of Key Learning Points

    • Home Practice

    • Approaching Difficulty - Home Practice

  • 8

    Week 6 ~ Developing Intention

    • Welcome

    • Overview

    • Topping up the Energy Tank

    • Energising and Depleting Activities

    • Daily Activities Review Exercise

    • Energising and Depleting Activities Exercise

    • Energising and Depleting Activities Review 2

    • Treating Yourself with Kindness Exercise Set Up

    • Treating Yourself with Kindness Exercise

    • Cultivating Kindness Practice Set Up

    • Formal Practice Treating Yourself with Kindness

    • Noticing the Change

    • Practical Tips

    • Daily Mindfulness Tips

    • Making Mindfulness Part of Your Life

    • Sustaining Mindful Intention

    • Cultivating Kindness - Home Practice

  • 9

    ...And finally

    • And finally...


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Instructor Bio

Hazel Todd

Hazel Todd

Aspire Course Creator

Hazel works with individuals and organisations to improve wellbeing, effectiveness and performance. As a Chartered Accountant with a first career in senior finance in global organisations, she understands the demands of an ‘always on’ culture. She is a 1-2-1 ICF accredited Mindful Coach and her Mindfulness in the Workplace training is derived from the work done at the Oxford Mindfulness centre at Oxford University and the training is validated by the Chartered Management Institute.

Testimonials for Hazel

“I wasn't going to dial in to the Mindfulness session as I've done a few before, but that was by far best session. ”

Mindfulness at Work Webinar participant May 2020

“I have worked with Hazel on a corporate basis for several years now. She adopts a calm and measured approach which, combined with her personable and confident outlook, make it very easy to work with her. She provides excellent advice on mindfulness in the workplace and which improves focus, wellbeing and performance.”

Partner Law Firm

“I attended a course and although I’m a convert to all things mindful and I meditate regularly I found Hazel’s approach very grounded and enlightening . She has a very professional delivery on a topic some sceptics might easily dismiss. I’d urge anyone who wants a more engaged workforce to get Hazel into the building”