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Are you a specialist in your field of expertise, a business looking to develop your own training or have a lifestyle skill to share? Whatever your sector, extending your business offer and client reach by creating an online course makes perfect business sense.

But where do you start?  Here at Aspire4Business Academy we have options to suit the novice course creator who would benefit from support and guidance in creating their courses, and the experienced eLearning professional who is looking for a collaborative hosting platform to sell their courses on, or hosting for corporate training.

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Course Creators Academy

Start creating your online courses

This membership is designed to help you get started with your online course creation. You’ll have access to a blend of pre-recorded tutorials and resources to view at your own leisure and monthly Live events that focus on practical guidance and help you grow your knowledge and skills. Unlike many other memberships, you’ll be working with established Learning & Development professionals and Education specialists to offer guidance to make your course the best it can be.

Aspire Hosting and Marketing

Get your courses online

Once you have your course content created, you’ll be looking for a professional hosting site to sell your courses on. One of the biggest stumbling blocks for many people is the ‘back office’ set up and maintenance. At Aspire4BusinessAcademy, Hosting and Marketing we sort all the 'technical stuff' by uploading, administering and certificating your course while you build your online presence and credibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don't feel confident to set up my own platform, can you help me?

    You won't need to set up and pay for your own platform as the Academy is fully hosted. You just need to create your course with our help.

  • I'm not a technical person, can you still help me?

    Our Course Creator Tutorial will take you through the whole process. If you can record an introductory video, you're halfway there.

  • How do I create an online course?

    We have a number of guides and videos to help you validate and create your online course, and we'll give you personal help if you get stuck.

  • How long will it take me to develop my course in the Course Creators Academy?

    You will be fully supported and have access to a course creators tutorial and library of information. If you get stuck you can ask questions. There is a great community too with Conversation with Course Creators each month. One to one support and a zoom tutorial are all included.

Whether it's your first online course, or your 50th

We can help you develop and grow