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Are you a specialist in your field of expertise? Whatever your sector, why not extend your business offer and client reach by creating an eLearning course to share your skills?

Choose from our fantastic range of hosting options to create your offer to suit your budget. As one of our course creators you will work with our L&D and Education specialists to create your course and set you apart. Let us sort all the 'technical stuff' by uploading, administering and certificating your course while you build your online presence and credibility.

Become a Course Creator

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Benefits & Options

  • Tier 1

    Hosting option Tier 1 includes everything you need to get your skills and course online and looking great. A unique URL and a comprehensive landing page give your prospective learners everything they need and want to know about your course.

  • Tier 2

    Hosting option Tier 2 offers extra features including the addition of online live events, affiliate plans, discounts, feedback, Q&A sessions and your own Training Room focusing on you and your courses. You can link from your own website to your Room.

  • Tier 3

    Hosting option Tier 3 includes your own dedicated Training School where you can include a 'mini-website' all about you, receive assignments from your learners, include other information and resources and take part in monthly group mentoring.

  • Tier 4 Membership

    Would you like to build a recurring revenue by offering your learners a subscription based membership site? There they can access new ongoing content, be part of a community and even interact with you online or live.

  • Affiliates

    Why not enrol affiliates to promote your products to their network, helping you expand your market reach? In return, they can earn a commission for each new sale that they send your way. Everyone benefits!

  • Marketing

    Need ideas on how to market your online course? As one of our course creators you will benefit from our own in-house marketing, with ongoing topical subjects and marketing images for your social media.

Options & Benefits in Full

Read all about our TIERS & TOKENS and how you can structure your plan to suit your business and your budget. And don't forget we are here to guide you every step of the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don't feel confident to set up my own platform, can you help me?

    You won't need to set up and pay for your own platform as the Academy is fully hosted. You just need to create your course with our help.

  • I'm not a technical person, can you still help me?

    Our Course Creator Tutorial will take you through the whole process. If you can record an introductory video, you're halfway there.

  • How do I create an online course?

    We have a number of guides and videos to help you validate and create your online course, and we'll give you personal help if you get stuck.