Expertise of the Buyer

Introducing and Evaluating the Role of the Buyer, Expertise Required and Expectations in the Current Workplace

A Buyers Role is varied and all encompassing, and can be very daunting. To know what is likely to be expected of you and to review your strategy for success, can increase your job satisfaction. 

Understanding the Buyers Role and the thought processes and influences behind making commercial decisions is a very intricate subject. This course will give you a taste of the world of the Buyer and an insight into the Buyers Mindset. If you are concerned about how the role may change in the future and what opportunities may be presented then this is the course for you.

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Who is this course for?

  • Careers

    Those contemplating a career in Buying.

  • Junior Buyers

    Junior Buyers looking for the next step in their career or established Buyers concerned by the New Norm and looking to the future.

  • Salespeople

    Salespeople and those negotiating with Buyers - a glimpse into the ‘Mindset of the Buyer’.

In more detail

Let's look at the Aims and Outcomes

The aim of this course is to:

  • Help you understand the roles a Buyer may be expected to fulfil and what could influence your commercial decisions consciously and subconsciously?
  • Review what the expectations are in the work place today and how you can work from home and maintain standards
  • Assist you in analysing your current strategy and plan for future success


By the end of this course, you will be:

  1. Prepared for the many and varied tasks of a Buyer and have a basic understanding of the core requirements of each task
  2. Able to manage your Buying strategy to optimise your resources.
  3. Prepared with an Action Plan for personal development

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • Introduction

  • 2

    Who is a Buyer?

    • Who is a Buyer?

    • Who is a Buyer? - EXERCISE

  • 3

    What is the Role of the Buyer in Today's Commercial World?

    • What is the Role of the Buyer in Today's Commercial World?

  • 4

    Influences on a Buyers Mindset

    • Influences on a Buyers Mindset

  • 5

    Changes to the Buying Model

    • Changes to the Buying Model

  • 6

    Managing Supplier Relationships from a Distance

    • Managing Supplier Relationships from a Distance

  • 7

    Strategy – Key Success Indicators

    • Strategy – Key Success Indicators

  • 8

    Creating an Action Plan

    • Creating an Action Plan

    • Creating an Action Plan - WORKSHEET

  • 9

    In Summary

    • In Summary

  • 10

    ...And finally


  • 11

    Having trouble accessing your certificate

    • Having trouble accessing your certificate


5 star rating

Very Insightful

Abdulla Shihan

Very insightful for the travel retail buyer. Pin point and precise. Large coverage in a short course. I am very thankful!

Very insightful for the travel retail buyer. Pin point and precise. Large coverage in a short course. I am very thankful!

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Your Instructor

Moyra Race

I am a dynamic Buying Consultant utilising years of global buying experience to help both buyers and brands to understand the Buyers Mindset. Most recently I was the Global Head of Category, Watches, Jewellery and Sunglasses for the worlds largest travel retail operator, travelling extensively and negotiating regularly with many prestigious and well-known brands. Using strategic skills in negotiation, category management, and brand relationships I can help you grow as a Buyer and deliver positive outcomes.


“I have worked with Moyra both directly as her supplier and indirectly over the span of our careers. Moyra has a rare talent for being straight to the point and direct whilst at the same time communicating clearly and with kindness. Her deep knowledge of all things buying, branding and retail are frankly second to none. When Moyra told me she was changing paths and asked for my thoughts I could only tell her what I truly believe, that she possessed the skills, knowledge and empathy to be brilliant at her chosen new career. As ever she has chosen her direction well and, I continue to admire her professionalism and expertise, but now as her peer not as her supplier. I whole heartedly give Moyra my recommendation and urge any in need of her service and unique skills to work with her.”

Sarah Williams - Specialist Coach in Business Growth

“I had the pleasure of attending one of Moyra's workshops recently with a group of business leaders and I would highly recommend it. The concept of getting into the mind of the 'buyer', or in my legal world, the 'client' was so enlightening and helped me approach client service in a whole different way as well as my approach to attracting new business. it was practical and effective and I was pleasantly surprised at how widely applicable to all businesses, including professional services.”

Dorcas Crawford - Senior Partner Edwards & Co. Solicitors TEDx Speaker

“I worked with Moyra on a number of occasions, including annual budget preparation and the subsequent monthly results review, and new business financial modelling. The background work that she did to compile her figures was very transparent and made understanding her rationale simple. Moyra was also very good at realising what works and what doesn't in different situations, not just from the "product" perspective but from the "financial" perspective also. I would definitely work with Moyra again.”

Ed Walker - Finance and Company Secretarial Support Services

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