Straight forward advice on how to keep your employees and self-protected

Do you have employees who are worried about being in the workplace?

Do you have employees stating what they think you should and should not be doing to control Covid-19 risk?

Are you confused about what information is right and who to trust?

Or are you just wanting to learn more, check your current knowledge about Covid-19?

Then this course is entirely suitable for you.

It will cover controversial topics:

  • Face coverings
  • Face masks
  • Temperature taking
  • Cleaning
  • Antibody testing for immunity

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Who is this course for?

  • Employers

    If you employ anyone you have health & safety responsibilities for that person

  • Human Resource Professionals

    Are you advising employers on how to keep employees safe and working?

  • Health and Safety Professionals

    Are you involved in advising businesses on suitable risk control measures?

In more detail

Let's look at the Aims and Outcomes

The aim of this course is to:

Impart evidenced based information and knowledge about Covid-19 virus and risk workplace risk control measures.


By the end of the course you will be able to:

  1. Know how to do a Covid-19 risk assessment
  2. Have some insight into the health and non-health risk factors that make some people more vulnerable to serious illness from Covid-19
  3. Be able to define Covid-age & risk categories
  4. Know when and how to offer an employee an individual health vulnerability assessment
  5. Be able to weigh up the risks and benefits of specific control measures such as face masks/coverings, social distancing, temperature checking.
  6. Name the main legislation relevant to the management and control of Covid-19 in the workplace
  7. Name some strategies to ease someone who has been shielding back into the workplace

Course Outline

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • Introduction

  • 2


    • Content Overview

  • 3


    • Legislation Overview

  • 4

    Individual vulnerability risk factors and Covid-age

    • Individual vulnerability Part 1

    • Individual vulnerability Part 2

    • Individual vulnerability Part 3

    • Individual vulnerability Part 4

    • Individual vulnerability Part 5

    • Individual vulnerability Part 6

    • Individual vulnerability Part 7

  • 5

    Return to work for those who have been shielding

    • Return to Work - Shielding Part 1

    • Return to Work - Shielding Part 2

    • Return to Work - Shielding Part 3

    • Return to Work - Shielding Part 4

  • 6

    Risk assessment

    • Risk assessment - Part 1

    • Risk assessment - Part 2

    • Risk assessment - Part 3

    • Risk assessment - Part 4

    • Risk assessment - Part 5

    • Risk assessment - Part 6

    • Risk assessment - Part 7

    • Risk assessment - Part 8

    • Risk assessment - Part 9

  • 7

    Mental health

    • Mental Health - Part 1

    • Mental Health - Part 2

    • Mental Health - Part 3

    • Mental Health - Part 4

    • Mental Health - Part 5

    • Mental Health - Part 6

  • 8

    ...And finally



Instructor Bio

Anna Harrington

Anna Harrington

Anna Harrington is a public health nurse who specialises in occupational health. She has over 19 years experience advising employers and employees on health and wellbeing matters. Within this experience has seen her working with large, small and micro organisations. She is a published author – Chapter Mental Health at Work in Contemporary Occupational Health Nursing

Testimonials for Anna

“Anna was great, so friendly and kind, and so easy to open up to. I work with a colleague that has seen 'hundreds' of OH reports in their time, and they remarked that Anna's was the best they'd seen by a mile. Very happy with the service all round, Anna was very communicative, quick to respond, informed in her responses and understanding throughout the whole process.”

Aaron Rickard-Smith Employee Experience Manager at James and James

“Anna is a breath of fresh air for all HR practitioners. No nonsense fair and consistent advice that allows you to advise your business / clients proactively and with confidence. We highly recommend Anna!”

Duncan Turner Harwood HR Solutions

“Thank you for your advice yesterday on this subject. As ever a knowledgeable, trusted source of information. It really helped us to assess the risk and proposed solutions ”

Gwyneth Hodgkinson